Long Weekend

I had the day off on July 25th because of Pioneer Day.  Pat has a few more vacation days than me this year, and our friends have flexible schedules, so we decided to also take off the Friday before and go camping.  We decided to go to the eastern Uintahs, just because we hadn't been there before.  It was a long drive out to Vernal, then up the mountain to find a camping spot. 

The established campgrounds were full to bursting, but we just kept heading up the mountain until we were past all the other people.  We found an awesome spot next to a stream that was a ways off the main trail.  We decided to just relax all weekend and stay in camp. 

We exerted ourselves for fun when we wanted to though - the first full day there we built this dam across the stream and made a nice little pool.  The water was about ankle deep when we started, but was almost to my knees by the end of the day.

Camp! Plus Noel and Alex, our partners in crime.

View across the stream from camp.  We had a few cows wander by, but they gave the dogs a wide berth.

It got pretty chilly at night.  Damage had to wear his jacket.

This is Damage's best friend, Smalls. He's still officially a puppy, and he wore Damage right out.

Zoe was so focused on hunting that she ignored all the bugs.  Her poor little face was all bumpy and misshapen.

We spotted this guy across the meadow but we still aren't sure what he was.  Beaver?  Badger?

And Pat decided to try and find more and more interesting places to pee all weekend.

We had a great, very relaxing time.  It was nice to get away and not be busy for once.  Not that I generally mind being busy, but we probably haven't been that laid back while camping for years.

June Book List

Enemy Games by Marcella Burnard - 346 pages
Mercy Blade by Faith Hunter - 305 pages
Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris - 325 pages
Small Favor by Jim Butcher - 420 pages
Grave Surprise by Charlaine Harris - 295 pages

TOTAL - 5 Books - 1,691 pages

I was so excited to finally get to read the next Sookie Stackhouse book.  It was really enjoyable; much better than the last one.  I am also really enjoying the other Charlaine Harris series about Harper Connelly.  I'm getting further and further on the Dresden files series and pretty soon I'm going to be all caught up. I won't know what to do with myself then!