We got a couple of pineapples in our most recent Bountiful Basket.  When scrolling through Pinterest a while ago, I remembered seeing that you can grow another pineapple plant by just using the leaves of an eaten pineapple, so we decided to give it a shot.  We mostly got our info from this website and this video.  Hopefully we will see some growth soon, and I won't kill it like I do most plants.  I'll try and keep you updated!

UPDATE 1/11/12:  We've tried this with several different pineapples now.  It is not as easy as the tutorials make it look.  Or maybe we just have black thumbs at our house.  Either way, it looks like growing a pineapple plant is not in the cards for us.

Thanksgiving/Autumn Decorations

I've had this table runner for quite a few years now.  Red seems to work well for a lot of holidays, but it wrinkles very easily.  The gold charger was originally Pier 1, but I found it at Savers.  Unfortunately Savers put the price tag on the front of the plate, and the gold leafing peeled off with it, so its uses are fairly limited.  I grabbed the pinecones on a camping trip last year and they have come in handy.  I just found the little glass pumpkin on clearance at Jo-Ann for $3!

These lived in my office at my last job for a long time. They were all originally from Tai Pan.

I changed out my lanterns & poufs for fall color.  I want to make some yarn spheres out of balloons so I have some more options to play with.

I made this wreath this year - I didn't realize that the wreath was so oblong until I got it on my door.  The felt stars also aren't sitting the way I want them to.  At least it will work for this year even if I end up modifying it or starting over.

They are pretty colors though!

My tree is also providing some pretty color.  I keep meaning to pick these berries and dry them so I can use them in other projects, or just put them in a jar.

Halloween Party

The whole crew: Toga Mike, Dorothy Liz, Riddler Carl,  Waldo Aaron, Devil Heidi, Doctor Matt, Cow Damage, Pirate Booty Adam, T-Shirt Brian, Footballer Kristen, Pikachu Linnea, Ash Jae, Go Go Megan, Pirate Alex, 80s Sonya, Pirate Noel, Monster Hunter Me, Cowboy Pat, Betty Laura, Barney Mike, Fred Brent, Wilma Megan, Zombie Jesus Jim, Footballer Ashlee (hiding in the pic, but you can see her head in the one below), and Sonya's friend (forgot her name, sorry!)

We had tons of good food (which I forgot to take a picture of), friends, and fun.  I spent basically the whole next day recovering, but it was totally worth it.  Somehow, we got pictures of most the attendees, but none of our whole costumes!  Kind of a bummer.

Halloween Decor

 Yarn spiderweb

 Fall lanterns & poms

Castle walls

 Complete with hanging skeletons

Sleeping bats

 And flying bats

 Devil cow

 Bloody glasses and lightning ball

Lights, feather wreath, streamers, fog

October Book List

Envy by JR Ward - 454 pages
Changes by Jim Butcher - 438 pages
Wanderlust by Ann Aguirre - 312 pages
Grave Secret by Charlaine Harris - 274 pages

TOTAL - 4 Books - 1,478 pages