I've slowly been learning how to use my Silhouette. I finally figured out how to create a cuttable image out of any image, and started putting it to good use. First up, I created an image of a disc golf basket on vinyl to put on our cars so we can show our support everywhere we go. I think they turned out really great!

Disc Chic Challenge

About a year ago some good friends introduced us to the sport of disc golf, and we've been addicted ever since.  We have a pretty nice course about 10 minutes from our house, so we run down and play a lot.  The terminology is very similar to golf, but instead of hitting a ball towards the hole, you throw a disc at a basket.

A couple of weekends ago I entered my first tournament - the Disc Chic Challenge.  With all the participants being girls, it was a bit less intimidating, and I entered in the intermediate division.  Pat tagged along to caddy for me, and we had a really nice time and met some great people.

The first round was played off of blue tees, which are the closest ones at the course.  I did really well that round and ended with a -3 tied for first place.  The second round was played off the yellow tees which are a bit further back.  I did not do well with my putting that round and ended with a +12.  So, overall I had a +9 score, and ended up tied for 8th place.  I did however win a CTP (closest to pin) and got a prize for that.  You can check out the full results at Disc Golf Scene.

Here are some pics of the tourney:

 Getting our instructions

 Warming up

 Putting it in

Our group from the first round: Dusty, Liz, me and Sunny

make a gif
Me throwing backhand gif maker
Me throwing forehand