Puppy Love

If you have a dog, you probably know what Kongs are.  They are one of the best inventions ever.  Stuff a few treats inside and the pups are entertained for hours.  They are out of your hair, not jumping on guests, and quiet.  Our dogs look like babies with a bottle when they get to licking...

When Zoe was little we used to put regular kibble in hers so that it was healthy food, not just treats, and would still keep her entertained.  She learned quickly that kibble falls out really easily if you just pick up the Kong and throw it, and she still tries that with all of her treats today.

Kong also makes a frisbee.  It has been a lifesaver at our house.  The dogs love to play frisbee, and it usually goes like this:

1- We throw frisbee
2- Zoe runs faster than Damage and catches it
3- Zoe starts to bring the frisbee back, when Damage finally catches up and tackles her
4- Zoe and Damage play tug-of-war with the frisbee while both attempting to bring it back to us
5- When they get close, Zoe gives up and lets Damage keep the frisbee
6- We have to tell Damage "Release" so that he will drop the frisbee and we can start over (he is quite lazy and doesn't really like the running part of this process)

Because of the tug-of-war, frisbees used to last us a couple of days (if that).  The Kong frisbee lasts for months!  It is one of the pups' favorite activities (well, Zoe's at least) and we try to play with them every day.  It's a lifesaver!

Birthday Party

At Pat's birthday party, we had some friends who couldn't get a sitter for their kids.  They are wonderfully behaved really cute kids, so we told them to just bring them along.  They had lots of fun in the basement playing the Wii and drawing pictures on my floor with sidewalk chalk.

Later that night they came upstairs to join us.  I had found a book of 250 rub-on tattoos at Target for $3 and bought them thinking it would be fun.  They proceeded to pick out LOTS of tattoos for themselves and all the adults.  The boys let the kids do whatever they wanted.

The next day I found some beautifully colored cats around my house.

It took me a couple of minutes to figure out that they had been laying in chalk.

Little Black Kitty

My mom had this little cat sitting on the shelf by the front door for as long as I can remember.  She got it from Mexico a long time ago and it sat with other Southwest-style decor.  She has never much liked cats, so I don't know why she kept it for so long, but when she finally got rid of it she gave it to me.  I really liked the shape of the cat, but not the paint job, so I gave it a little makeover. 

Now I like it a lot better, and it makes a perfect bookend. 

Linked up to DIY Day at A Soft Place to Land.


Happy Birthday Patrick!

My dear old hubby turned 28 yesterday. We had a party on Saturday, went to his sister's house last night, and are headed to my parent's tonight. This is the blackberry pie I made for dessert tonight per his request. I can't wait to taste!

Matching Martini Glass

To go with my apron!

Swap Apron Arrived

It is just so cute!  I love all the fabrics Amy B picked out.  I left the style up to her and it came together really well.  I'm glad I have another full apron in the collection - they seem to get used a lot more, even though I love them all equally. The matching martini glass is on it's way from the Etsy seller she bought it from and should be here soon.  I can't wait to see it!

I Love My Library!

Not only would I be horribly poor if it didn't exist, they are also fantastic to work with. There are several series that I am reading with recent or soon to be released titles. I checked the library's website and they weren't listed, so I sent them an email asking them to be ordered. I checked online again today, and EVERY SINGLE ONE that I requested is now listed. Hooray! Now I am at the top of the list to read all that delicious literary sustenance. Mmm... new books...
Also, a big thank you to Mom & Dad for taking me to the library so young and getting me started on my favorite pastime.

Bedroom Inspirations

I have been in a bit of a redecorating mood lately.  I want to change up my bedroom now, and these are some photos I founds that I quite like.  I must be in a green kind of mood...  I think I like the green, black and white best (see blog background), but I also think the splashes of bright accents like pink or red help bring the colors out.

The color could be a bit different, but look how beautiful the ceiling is!  What a great idea to liven up a little space without it being too dark and overwhelming.

Spare Bedroom Redo

All this room used to hold was my air hockey table and my collection of Ford Mustangs (Matchbox-sized, mostly).  We decided we wanted a futon so there was somewhere besides the living room floor & couches for people to sleep when they crash at our house for the night, so we bought this black one at Walmart for $150.  We pulled the recliner out of our bedroom, which makes it much more roomy there.  The bookcase moved from the room next door where it didn't really fit anyway, and the redwood coffee table was in storage in the basement.  I took everything off the walls to make room for more decorations, but I'm not exactly sure what I want to do yet.

I am really loving the organized-by-color bookcase.  I've seen others like it online and think they are just adorable!  It probably wouldn't work if I had many more books though because I would never be able to find anything.  I guess I could always make a list of the books by name, author and color.

January Book List

Night Embrace by Sherrilyn Kenyon - 416 pages
Faefever by Karen Marie Moning - 314 pages
Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger - 401 pages
Dreamfever by Karen Marie Moning - 362 pages
Raven's Shadow by Patricia Briggs - 339 pages
Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey - 701 pages
Circle of Fire by Keri Arthur - 239 pages
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins - 374 pages

TOTAL - 8 books - 3,146 pages

New Quilt Project

A couple of years ago we made a bunch of denim quilts to give our friends for Christmas.  I have one that my mom made and gave to me for my bridal shower, but Patrick really wanted one of his own.  I waited until the flannel all went on sale, then dragged him to the store to pick out fabric.  This is what we ended up with:

Well, I might have picked the flowery one on the bottom...

Then we headed to get our denim.  Mondays are 99 cent tag days at Savers, so we went and bought about 45 sets of denim jeans, skirts, overalls, and whatever else we could find. 

We have enough materials to make a couple of quilts, so we probably will.  I don't know if we will keep the extra one or give it away.  They are really nice to throw in the car for picnics, or to put on bleachers to soften them up.  Guess we'll see what happens!

Adorable Bird Pouch

I recently switched to a smaller purse. (Too small, and soon to be replaced, but that's a different story...) I lost all the pockets that I had in my old purse, so I had a lot of loose stuff floating around. I put it all in a ziploc bag until I could find something else to put it in permanently.

I finally found this adorable pouch on Etsy from Downtown Girl Designs and just had to have it! I have loved the fabric print for months now. Also, very nice to feel more organized.

Photos of the Week

From my brother, who is on a mission for his church.  He instructed us and my sister and brother-in-law to not have any children while he was gone.  No problem!

My new kitchen tablecloth.  I brought it home from Mexico, and put a clear piece of plastic on top so the tablecloth itself stays clean.  (Stole that idea from my mother-in-law.)

This guy attacked us for being in his road.  We thought about making him dinner, but let him scare us off instead.

This month's family outing: laser tag at the new Boondock's in Kaysville.  Everyone had a blast!

And finally, the photos my mom made us all pose for to send to my brother for Valentine's Day: