Kitchen Chairs

A few years ago the hotel next to my office was getting all new furnishings.  They cleared out all the old stuff and sold it one day at really cheap prices.  I bought four chairs planning to paint them fun bright colors and put them in my kitchen.  They may have sat in my basement for a few years, but I finally got them done!



I think I bought three other fabrics to use before I found this one and decided it was perfect!  I already had the paint colors picked out and this matched them all perfectly.  It was a little pricey ($20/yd on sale) but I think it was totally worth it.

We spray painted the chairs outside on the last really warm weekend of the year.  My neighbor across the street told me she thought they were cute before they were even half painted!  I ended up using Valspar spray paint just because it was the only brand I could find that had all the colors I wanted.  I wish I had found another brand though.  We had several problems with the paint.  They seemed to change colors in the middle of the can (after they had been thoroughly shaken) and the yellow has clumps.  They ended up looking good, but it was sure a lot of work to get them that way.

The seats were easy though.  The cushions themselves were in great shape, so we just stapled the new fabric over the old.  The hardest part was getting the pattern to line up evenly.  I ended up using a full two yards because of the way the pattern was printed.

Overall it ended up costing more than I hoped, but still super cheap for sturdy custom chairs.  I spent $60 on the chairs, $40 on fabric, and probably $40 on spray paint (of which I have plenty leftover) and $5 on staples.  So about $150 total for some super cute colorful chairs to brighten up my kitchen!