Renaissance Festival & Fantasy Faire

A few weekends ago we got the chance to go to our local renaissance festival.  We had never been to one before.  We didn't dress up, but next time we definitely will because it looked like so much fun!  We saw all kinds of costumes: lords & ladies, gypsies, pirates, peasants, faeries, elves, even a geisha.  No, I don't know how that fit in either... and I didn't even think to take a picture of any of them!

There were many booths full of amazing artists.  My favorite was 2nd Skin Leather, made by a couple of local Ogdenites.  Their craftmanship was amazing!  I would love to own one of their masks, but sadly they were all way out of my price range.  Here are a couple of my favorites from their website:

I did get a couple of things: a stained glass flower, and a couple of flower hair clips.

We did meet a few interesting characters, like the guy that challenged us to a game of Ye Olde Block Tower:

And the one that threw Pat in the stocks until he sang "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" loud enough for the ladies across the way to hear him:

There was also lots of yummy food to eat, almost like the county fair. We had some authentic brewed beverages (choice of Sarsparilla, Honey Root Beer, Birch Beer, or Cream Soda), and some shish kebob skewers for lunch. Sadly, they were sold out of turkey legs. For dessert was handmade chocolates, made by a pair of ladies who looked like they really enjoyed eating what they made.  My favorite was the maple flavored, but Pat liked the peanut butter cups.

We were there on the last day the fair was open, and things seemed to be winding down a bit.  Next year we will have to go a little earlier so we can get the full experience!

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EmmaP said...

i have never been to one before, but my neighbor girl goes to a lot. i think she works at one or something. she always comes home with sparkly eye makeup and she wears her long green renaissance dress... not sure if she plays music or sells her artwork or what. guess i should ask her...