Family Night - Geocaching

Our monthly family night this month consisted of geocaching around town.  My mom has wanted to go for ages, but can never convince the rest of us that it sounds like fun.  Well, this time she was in charge, so off we went.  I don't think that the urban caches were quite as exciting to find as some remote ones would be, but we had a pretty good time trying to figure out the basics.

We found a killdeer nest in the middle of the road.  As soon as she saw us, the momma bird flew down to the road then acted injured to try and lead us away from the nest.  It was pretty interesting to watch.


EmmaP said...

geochaching... isn't that like orienteering only with GPS?

Melissa said...

I think geochaching could be lots of fun. I'm glad you guys went! It's fun that you guys took the time to get a group picture. My family never does that. Or they roll their eyes at me if I try!