Christmas Lights at Temple Square

Last Friday we spend the day in Park City with some friends.  While we were there, some other friends (who live in Orem) called and said they would be at temple square that night and asked if we would like to join them.  We jumped at the chance since we don't see them very often, and it was on our way home anyway.

The peachy-pink and yellowy-orange trees were my favorites.

The floating lights in the reflecting pool are also really pretty.

 All bundled up.  It was COLD outside! My poor toes were frozen.

The whole gang: Megan, Brent, Ashlee, Kristin, Travis, me, Pat, and four kiddos.

It was fun looking at the lights with the kids.  They get so much more excited about things.  I was actually quite disappointed with the lights themselves.  When I was a kid they were much better - more and bigger trees lit.  Temple square is also a lot smaller than I remember it being.

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EmmaP said...

i think everything looks bigger when we're kids.