Winter Waterslides

I've been really bad about posting lately because I keep forgetting to take pictures every time we do something.  I decided to borrow a picture for this post and tell you about it anyway.  A couple of week ago on KSL I saw a deal for Crystal Hot Springs.  I really wanted to go swimming, and it seemed like the perfect answer because I prefer lakes to the super chlorinated indoor pools.  The deal was $12.00 for admission for 6 people, so I rounded up some friends to go with.  The admission was for the pools only, but when we got there we paid a little extra so we could go down the water slides too.

The resort itself didn't look like it had changed much in the 14 years since I was there last.  It was much more run down and shabby looking, but all the pools were still up and running.  The water ranged from 78° in the water slides to 106° in one of the hot tubs, with the other pools at different temperatures in between.  It was so nice to relax in the warm water, but it sure was cold when you got out.  The outside temp was about 38° during the day and dropped below freezing once the sun went down.

The coldest part was going up the concrete stairs to get to the top of the water slides.  The last time we went down them it was after dark, and the mats had ice on them.  Also, almost everyone that went down them came out with battle wounds - scraped elbows, heels, and shoulders.  It was totally worth it though!  We were only there for about 4 hours, but it was a blast.  I think we'll have to try and make it up there every winter.  Oh, and KSL still has that deal for one more day, so grab one if it sounds fun to you too!

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JT and Violet's Mom said...

I guess the slides haven't changed much either, we always used to get scratched and cut going down them! Sounds like you had a great time, makes me miss it!