Last week Patrick and I decided it was about time to make more salsa. Last year we made a bunch of salsa, mostly mild stuff and a little hot stuff. We apparently like the hot stuff better because the last jar is in the fridge and we still have lots of mild left. All we need to do this year is replace the hot stuff.

Saturday we drove up to the fruitway in Perry. We stopped at a couple roadside stands and bought all the fixin's we needed. Sunday morning we got to chopping, stirring and canning. It ended up taking twelve hours total, but we made 41 pints. Let's just hope it was worth all the coughing, sneezing, sniffling and crying over hot peppers and onions.


1/3 bushel of tomatoes (24 cups)
8 small purple onions (6 cups)
1 whole garlic + 3 cloves
2/3 bunch cilantro
3 large bell peppers (2 cups)
5 anaheim peppers (1 cup)
4 cayenne peppers (1/2 cup)
20 jalapeno peppers (2 1/2 cups)
30 serrano peppers (1 cup)
1/4 cup salt
1.85 cups apple cider vinegar (I just guessed on this one - its supposed to be 5%)

Each batch made about 14 pints.

I spent about $60 on all the supplies, so it cost less than $1.50 per jar! If I ever get my garden going next year, hopefully it will be almost free.

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