Paying Off Debt

A while back I decided that we probably ought to be tracking our money a little better. I starting reading a lot of articles about money online, and stumbled upon some articles by M. P. Dunleavey that talked about the Women in Red. They were a small group of women talking to each other about money and trying to pay off debt.

There is an associated MSN Money message board where anyone can join in the discussions. I started out just lurking (reading without posting or participating in any way), and finally decided to join the Women in Red Racers (WIRR). They are a group of women from all over the country who are "racing" against themselves to pay off their debt.

They are all amazingly supportive! They have great ideas about saving money and will cheer with you in the good times or cheer for you in the bad. Please stop by if it's something you're interested in.

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EmmaP said...

a-hem! did someone forget to tell me they started a blog??? lol! k- i LOVE the pics of the salsa ingredients...makes me hungry. oh - and I loved the cakes. I think the tie ones for your brother turned out really cute. And good for you on the whole debt thing. All right - i am adding you to my blogroll to make sure i don't miss out anymore. see ya in a few!!!