Cleaning the Boat

Saturday morning we finally got around to cleaning out the boat for winter. I know it was raining and snowing Saturday, but we aren't crazy. We took the boat to Pat's work where it lives all winter in their heated warehouse and cleaned it there.

It took several hours longer than we thought it would, and we still have to protect the vinyl, antioxidize the paint, and wax it (maybe some other weekend, or Pat can do it at work if they're slow and don't have anything else to do).

It was nice being able to work inside, but running around the floor of a warehouse with bare wet feet caused some problems.

This is what our feet looked like. We had to clean them every time we got into the boat, or else we just got it all dirty again.

We also had to watch where we stepped because there were hornets all over the floor. They had apparently started to build nests up a couple of the drainage spouts. As soon as we got water in the boat it pushed them out and onto the floor.

We tried to vacuum them all up so they didn't decide to build nests in the warehouse. Hopefully we got them all.


Susie said...

Wow!! That's quite a weekend tackle!! Those look like gardener's feet!! Mine around clean all summer long.

By the way, if you want to prevent your carmels from getting hard, make sure the heat is low when you melt them. Once it is liquid, dip the apples right away. You may be cooking them too much or over to high of heat and getting them to a hard candy stage. Sugar is tricky:-)

EmmaP said...

ugh! i hate feet! and especially black ones! guess I'll never sign up to clean a boat! hahaha! and i hope too that you got all of the hornets nests out! yikes!

Gayle said...

EW! That's yucky! Guess you should've worn some Crocs or something!