Time for Change

It's that time again - I've got the itch for change. Nothing major, mind you. I just want to rearrange something, somewhere. Mostly my bedroom.

The problem is that there are only two walls that my bed will fit on due to door placement, and one of those walls has a window that I don't really want to cover with my headboard. That leaves me with only one option: the wall the bed is already on.

The recliner is in our room because there isn't any room in the living room, but we want to keep it around for when the basement is done. The giant blue thing is the dog bed. You enter the room bottom right. Top right is the closet, and top middle is the bathroom. Please tell me if you have any brilliant ideas!

I seem to be gathering quite the list of things I would like to change about my house, but moving isn't an option for the foreseeable future. I'll just have to add it to my mental new house wish list.


EmmaP said...

could you angle your bed in the lower left corner? does that leave room for everything else???

lilianril said...

I was actually just thinking of angling in either left corner... I think I may have to go home and actually move the furniture to see if it will work.

Gayle said...

AWESOME new BLOG! I'm so excited that you did this. Now don't let it die from neglect - I'll be checking every single day!