Memorial Day Weekend

We decided to go down to Goblin Valley for the weekend, and hike the Little Wildhorse / Bell Canyon loop. We have distinct lack of planning skills sometimes. We decided to go camping on Wednesday way after all the camp spots at the state park were reserved, of course. We figured we have a camper and we can rough it if we have to.

We left Saturday morning. By the time we got to Highway 6, it had started to rain. The rain got worse the closer we got to our destination. We started seeing people headed the opposite direction - going home early. We got to Goblin Valley State Park, and amazingly enough there were available campsites. We paid for a spot, then went to the valley overlook.

There were still people out in the valley in the rain. They all came back covered in mud.

We decided that looked like fun - plus it's a desert. When else are we going to get this chance?

The boys decided to make mud angels.

We were worried that we weren't going to get to do our hike since it was raining so hard and we were in flash flood country planning to hike through a slot canyon. But Sunday dawned bright and clear, and we decided that we would go on our hike after all.

There are too many pictures to post on the blog. Please CLICK HERE to see them.

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EmmaP said...

goblin valley looks cool. glad they had fun getting all muddy.