Strut Your Mutt

This is the second year we have attended Strut Your Mutt, a fundraiser for No More Homeless Pets in Utah. Several thousand people decended on Sugarhouse Park with dogs in tow. The day starts with a group walk around the park, then there are fun activies, booths, demonstrations and entertainment.

Last year we found Course A'Lure, but we got there late enough that the day was already booked. We really wanted to let the pups try it this year, so we headed there first thing. We paid for 5 runs and got going before the group walk even started. We let Damage do 1 run and Zoe got to do the other 4, mostly because she is way better at it than he is.

UPDATE! Course A'Lure finally put the results up on their web page and Zoe was one of the fastest dogs there! I think we might try to head down to Thanksgiving Point this weekend and give it another shot.


Gayle said...

Aw, lookit 'em go! I think they should wear bandanas all the time!

EmmaP said...

cool! they look like their having fun!