Photos On-the-Go

I always have my camera in my purse. Quite often, I notice something interesting while I am driving, and pull my camera out to take a shot. Sometimes they don't come out very well, but most of the time they are decent. These are some of the ones I captured:

Count 'em: there's 8, yes 8 doors on this fifth wheel. Why? You guess! We guessed mobile brothel. I had a coworker guess actor's trailer. Anything else you can come up with?

Not a good investment.

Hmm... do we need one of these on our Jeep?

Nothing like showing off during hunting season...

Redneck all the way...

"See, THIS is why I was over an hour late from work today!"

I had a couple more, but couldn't find them to share with you. I saw a Christmas tree sticking out of a tiny Honda's trunk, and an old VW bug painted in painstaking detail like a patchwork quilt.


EmmaP said...

ok, now the patchwork quilt i HAVE to see! hmmm the trailer with doors... sort of reminds me of a "mobile restroom" at a concert I went to. I love the license plates... too funny!

Kait & Kyle said...

It's a carni trailer... that's my guess.