Post-Wedding Vehicle Decorations

I have to admit that one of my favorite things about weddings is decorating the cars. We never do anything TOO mean (like syrup & flour) but it is fun to use the window chalk, condoms, balloons, streamers, and whatever else you can find that's non-damaging.

We had some friends get married the other night (well, technically they were already married, but they finally had the ceremony), so we prepared to decorate. The best part is that the groom always keeps his truck spotless, so it was even more fun to get it dirty.

We had gone over to their house after the ceremony to hang out for a while, and ended up "leaving" at about 1 a.m. We went outside and got the decorations out, then proceeded to decorate.

I had finished writing "Just" on the back window and the boys were blowing up condoms when some more people left, and the bride & groom followed them out of the house. "Uh-oh", we thought, "Busted!" But they didn't seem to notice anything. They boys hid on the other side of the truck and I scrunched down in the bed as far as I could go. The groom actually came outside, got in the truck and then locked it for the night without ever noticing us. They finally went back in the house, and we finished the decorations.

Up to no good? Who, me?


Gayle said...

You're still just a bunch of goofy kids! LOL

Blake and Melissa said...

Way to get your hands dirty!

EmmaP said...

hahaha! i love it! i especially love the Honk if you're horny! (of course I would love that part!) oh and the wine glasses are cute! did you draw those?