Weekend at Yuba

A few weekends ago we reserved a boat-in campspot at Yuba State Park. We had never been there before, but were told it was nice so we decided to give it a shot. We had our own camp site away from everyone else, and we had our own dock for the boat. The setup was really quite nice. The weather was a little spotty, but overall not too bad. There were plenty of windy times, but also plenty of times when the water was perfectly smooth.

The problem was the people. We had run-ins with way too many idiots to have a completely good time. The lake was pretty low, which made it narrow. There were just too many boats packed in too small a space, and nobody following the boating laws. We also had people use our dock while we were out on the lake, then get mad at us when we tied up to it. They finally left after stealing one of the bumpers off our boat, leaving it slamming against the dock.

Our camp site is clear back in the trees:

My niece Raqeal actually reading a book!

The dogs jumping off the dock after a stick:

The dock clearly states it is reserved:

Our boat's home for the weekend:

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EmmaP said...

Plebs! well, glad the dogs had a good time! hahaha!