Weekend at Pineview

This weekend my parents were nice enough to watch the dogs overnight so we could spend the night on the lake. We got up there around 11:00 Saturday morning. Most of Saturday we took pretty easy. It was busy as usual and the water was choppy and gross. We relaxed on the beach and went swimming.

When it came time to go to sleep we drove over to the cove and rafted up with some of our neighbors from down the street. Everything was great until 10:30 when some idiots across the way decided to blast their music loud enough to wake the dead. I think they left it going for an hour or so before they finally shut up. However, we did hear the next morning that someone ended up getting a ticket for it.

We woke up bright and early Sunday morning (about 7:30) because we were getting sprinkled on, and our neighbors were heading home. It turned out well though because there wasn't anyone else on the lake yet and the water was smooth as glass. We got in a good three hours of wakeboarding on the best water I've ever seen at Pineview. There were maybe 5 boats moving on the whole lake when we left. I think everyone thought we were pretty nuts because of the weather, but the water was about the same temperature as the air; maybe warmer. It wasn't too cold to get in.

Here's me in my cute new bikini.

Here's Pat getting ready to go. Look how smooth the water is!

Here's Jim with his duck friends that he just about landed on.

And here's one of my wakeboarding attempts. We didn't get the best ones on film because we didn't think of it soon enough. By this point I was pretty tired and cold, but couldn't give up.


Gayle said...

Cute new bikini! Did you get a good price on it since it's the end of the season? It was fun to have the dogs - they were no trouble at all.

EmmaP said...

wow! that water looks awesome!

Alice in Wonderland said...

WQW! What a fantastic post! I'm really jealous of you! It looks like you had a fantastic week-end, but these louts with their loud music always tend to spoil everything! I have a neighbour with one of these little motor-bikes with aspirations of becoming some Harley, but in reality, it sounds like some very anger wasp! Very annoying first thing in the morning!
I hope that you all had a great time!


ahhhh. i remember when my boobs looked like that. sort of. found you thru alice. she's one of my followers. following you now too.