Labor Day (Part 1)

Yes, I know. I'm weeks behind on this post and I haven't posted anything for over a month. I'm sorry! I guess I just haven't been in a bloggy kind of mood, plus we've been super busy.

Our friend Jim is in the Air Force and is being transferred to New Mexico in December. He is trying to fit in things to do and see around Utah before he goes. We are trying to help him accomplish this. Labor Day we decided to go on an adventure.

We didn't even start packing until we had gotten home from work Friday. Pat packed up the Jeep while I packed up the dogs and dropped them off at my parent's house for the weekend. We drove to Shelley, ID to stay with some of Pat's cousins. We finally got there just after 10:00, then stayed up talking way too late.

Saturday morning we all woke up (not too early), had breakfast at Smitty's in Idaho Falls, then drove up to Island Park. We stopped at Henry's Fork and rented a raft to float down the river in. They shuttle you up the river a few miles and launch your raft, then you float down to where you started.

The boys were the only ones crazy enough to go swimming.
We had a nice relaxing day and saw a few moose in the process.

Island Park is quite close to West Yellowstone, and Jim had never been there, so we decided to head that direction. We ended up pulling off at an RV campground in Montana to spend the night.


Gayle said...

GASP! Why weren't you wearing life jackets in the raft? Tsk, tsk, tsk! Besides that, it looks like it was a fun trip for you.

lilianril said...

Lifejackets not required. The boys were swimming in one of maybe 6 spots deep enough to get in the water. The rest of the river was barely to my knees.

EmmaP said...

looks like fun!