Book Balls in a Bowl

My mom got this great idea for a project for me, then decided that she had all the materials at her house, so I should just come on over and we would make it.  We started with these:

Just some decorative wooden balls she picked up at a store somewhere.  We spray painted them white, then spray painted a wooden bowl black.  We used her Cricut to cut out letters in all shapes, sizes and fonts in black vinyl, then randomly stuck them to the balls.  We finished it all off with a clear coat to prevent the vinyl from peeling off. I thing they turned out really cute!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE this project. The black and white make a bold statement, and this would fit in perfectly in my bedroom (haha). Beautifully done.

Alice in Wonderland said...

Love these balls! A couple of years ago, I took some balloons and partly blew them up, took some natural thick string, and soaked in P.V.A. glue, (It dries clear) and started to wrap the string around the balloons. Result, rustic looking string balls that fit nicely into a rustic basket, an look pretty good!
The balloons just dissolve, and there is nothing better than making a good old mess!

EmmaP said...

i love your balls! (**snickers** not quite the same when said to a woman.)

those are way cool! Good job, Mom!!!