Flannel Bird

I recently got a hankering to make something new, so I scrolled through the list of projects I had bookmarked and came across this tutorial from Spool. I decided I would give it a shot with just one bird to see how it went.  I ended up using flannel because that's what I had sitting around the house (waiting to be turned into a quilt).  I also didn't have any stuffing, but I decided to fill it up with rice and see how it looked.  I figured that way it would have a little weight and would be able to stand on its own without falling over.

This is how it turned out.  I actually really like the fabrics, but the head is a little pointy. and the tail has to have some support or it droops too much.  Overall, not too bad.  Maybe I will make the whole mobile one day.


Anonymous said...

I made several of those too. They are just the cutest things. Love em. Yours looks great!

Gayle said...

It turned out GREAT! And I'm so impressed because there's a gusset in that pattern and those are kinda difficult! Are you going to share you alphabet balls soon?

EmmaP said...

cute. good job. you're much braver than I am at stuff like this.