2010 Annual Pumpkin Shoot

We had a much bigger turn out for the pumpkin shoot this year than we usually get.  It made for tons of fun though!  Even though we had to wade through thick, slippery mud.  It was also freezing cold, but we all made it through somehow. 

It was really good to get out shooting.  We don't get to very often anymore because the price of ammo has gone up so much.  We really appreciate all the friends & family who drove up clear from Salt Lake to come with us. Hopefully we can do more together sometime!

We stopped at The Pie on the way home for some lunch.  Pat and Brent ran in in socks since their shoes were all muddy.

(PS.  I still feel embarrassed about screwing up Justin's name.  Sorry.  Again. :/ )


Gayle said...

I think I'm glad that I didn't go. It would probably have really hurt my shoulder to shoot guns, and the cold would not have been fun.

I haven't eaten at The Pie since last summer (or two summers ago?) when we stopped there after a day with you at Pineview. I need to go back! Mmmmm......

Stacey said...

We had a ton of fun and Ashton had a great time. He said it was one of his most favorite birthdays ever! No wories about the name he gets that all the time, and from people he knows really well or sees often. We stopped at Maverik and we all had to do the sock feet thing too. I am going to post this to my facebook. Thanks for sharing!!!