Jezebel is a Cross Dresser!

A few weeks ago were in Salt Lake helping Pat's grandma out with a few things around the house.  We were in the Jeep on our way to Lowe's when somebody rear-ended us.  There was a lot more damage to her little Rav-4 than our Jeep, but she did completely mangle the tire carrier and mess up the rear bumper a bit. 

Since we wanted to upgrade those parts eventually anyway, we figured that now was the time.  We took it to the insurance's body shop and got an estimate, which the insurance sent us a check for right away.  We did a lot of research online and finally found a set of parts that would work for us, that was also in our price range. 

After doing a bit more digging online, we found the same parts at another site for quite a bit cheaper.  Then I found a coupon code for 15% off, and then we found out that the manufacturer was offering a rebate.  With all the discounts we had quite a bit of money left over, so we decided to buy a matching front bumper too!  We ended up putting only $140 towards the whole purchase out of our own pockets.

It took about three weeks for the parts to actually get delivered.  Pat and my brother spent one night getting everything put together, and now it looks great!  Here's Jezebel with her new manly accessories:

Nice and tough looking now, right?  Really, they will be much nicer all around for our four-wheeling adventures.  Plus having the weight of the tire off the gate and on the frame will help with things rattling.  Now we just need to get out and use them!

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