In a Bountiful Basket I got a few weeks ago they gave us about half a dozen persimmons.  I had never eaten one before, and had to look up what they even were.  When they came, they were quite hard, but I put them in my kitchen window for a while and they softened up.  When I finally ate one, I was in heaven.  It was delicious!

The next time I ordered a Basket, they had an option to purchase an entire case of persimmons, so I did!  I found all sort of great recipes to try with them.  Cookies, bread, cake, pie, smoothies, you name it.  I did eat one of them hard, and decided that they are much better when soft.

The first recipe I tried was a persimmon pie for early Thanksgiving (the Saturday before because my grandma was leaving on a cruise).  It turned out pretty good.  The flavor was nice, but they were still a bit too crunchy for my taste.

Second was a persimmon birthday cake for my sister-in-law's birthday.  It was very dense, but still tasty, with cream cheese frosting.  It uses a puree of the fruit, not chunks.  My niece came over and helped me decorate.

I still have most of the case that I need to get canned or frozen, but they are all still good and hard and seem to be lasting.  Hopefully I will have a little free time soon.


Melissa said...

I have never heard of them either. I thought the Bountiful Basket was only during the summer!

Stacey said...

Ok after you posted on fb about your first persimmon I went out and bought some thinking I needed to expand my horizons. I have to tell you that we let those suckers ripen for about 3 weeks in a paper bag and they never got soft enough to get rid of the horrible astringent feeling in the mouth. Maybe another week would have done it? I got one teeny tiny taste of the very tip that was super ripe and deep in color and super sweet. But the rest was not a good experience. I even let them sit in the window for a week before putting them into the paper bag. I am willing to bet they need to look like they need to be thrown out before they are edible. I might try it again.
I love the cake it is beautiful! and the pics of the persimmons too!

EmmaP said...

i've heard of persimmons but never tried them...