San Rafael Swell

We took a couple of friends camping with us to the San Rafael Swell this spring.  They are usually forest campers, so it was a bit new to them.  Our trip started out with a flat tire on their truck.  That was quickly swapped for the spare, then we found a close spot to camp out of the wind (mostly).

The next day we went exploring and found a ghost of a mining town.  The buildings here were mostly standing and had random old appliances scattered about.

We also explored the remnant of the mines a little.  We didn't go far because we didn't have flashlights.

This one was big enough you could drive a four wheeler around in it.  It would be lots of fun to explore more one day.

 Hondo Arch

We went for a brief hike with the dogs.  Their favorite part was splashing in this small puddle.  I'm sure the water is completely gone by now.  The hike was down Crack Canyon, which is a slot canyon, and we didn't get very far before we had to turn around because the dogs couldn't maneuver the six foot drop-off we ran into.

We had a really good time, though I don't think our friends fell in love with the desert the way we have.  Maybe it has to grow on you.

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