Annual Halloween Party 2008

Saturday was a pretty busy day for us because we had the Halloween party that day as well as the pumpkin shoot. Almost everyone came in costume. They were all cute! Here's me being the Mad Scientist for the evening:

In between the pumpkin shoot and the party I was busy whipping up some culinary magic.

I made:

Pumpkin Cupcakes - I actually made these on Thursday. I made one batch as the recipe states, then added mini semi-sweet chocolate chips to the next batch. They plain ones were good, but the chocolate made them fantastic! I also used this Cream Cheese Frosting.

Caramel Popcorn - This turned out a little crunchy. I will probably cook it less next time, but it was still yummy.

Maple Cinnamon Fritters - These tasted good, but were a pain to make. Also, the powdered sugar topping got everywhere. Probably will not make again.

Cheddar Beer Fondue - I followed the first receipe on the page, but use a bottle of hefewizen instead of alpine lager, and medium cheddar instead of the old Canadian cheddar. It turned out really tasty and it was the only thing that was completely gone at the end of the night. We cut up some rolls I got at the store and some granny smith apples for dipping. It was a hit!


EmmaP said...

love the costume. you even look a little "mad" hahaha!

Gayle said...

Did you take pictures of all the other costumes? I wanna see!

Susie said...

Those are great Halloween picture.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming back last week for the Target gift card giveaway! Sorry you didn't win but I think I'll have another one in December! I love your mad scientist costume and those cupcakes look GREAT!