Vacation - Saturday

Sorry I don't have any pictures today - I'll post them when I get home. We are in Sacramento visiting family for Thanksgiving.

Saturday we drove to Reno and spent the night at a friend's house. We were really glad that we didn't have to drive the whole way to Sacramento in one day. Reno was far enough.

The cops in Nevada have come up with a plan to make more money. There were probably a dozen spots on I-80 saying that they were contruction zones and that fines were doubled, but no actual construction taking place. Sometimes there were a few token orange barrels, but usually it just looked like any other stretch of freeway. There were people pulled over in at least half of those spots, and I'm sure they were paying double fees for being in a "construction" zone.

Our friend had a crazy cat that would come rub on your leg then bite you if you tried to pet it. I told Pat that he has it pretty good with our cats.

We went out to dinner at the Atlantis Casino. They had an italian restaurant there that was pretty good, but they were SO SLOW! It took two hours to get our food & eat. The waitor was awful. He refilled half empty water glasses with Sprite and brought me coffee gelato (yuck!) instead of caramel.

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Susie said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving:-)