Annual Pumpkin Shoot 2008

Saturday we went up the mountain in Avon for the annual pumpkin shoot. We always have it the weekend after Halloween so we can get rid of those leftover pumpkins in a safe and humane way. It's always lots of fun, and it was a wonderful warm(ish) day for it this year.

Click on the photo above to go to an album with all the photos I took.

We didn't actually have any pumpkins this year, so at 11:00 Friday night we were at Dan's Market and bought their last 9 very sad looking pumpkins for $10. The night manager looked happy to be rid of them, and we got a pretty good deal.


Susie said...

That's awesome! By leaving our pumpkins out, we unknowingly volunteered for a pumpkin smashing in our neighborhood. That wasn't as fun.

EmmaP said...

i love how it's the "safe & HUMANE" way to dispose of a pumpkin!