Christmas Meme

I am joining Emma over at Not So Usual:

The last time I went caroling - I can't even remember!  I don't generally like to sing (at least where people can hear me).

My favorite Drink in the winter is - Hot chocolate of all kinds, preferably Stephen's: milk, dutch, mint, candycane, hazelnut, it's all good.

My favorite Holiday meal - Classic turkey, ham, roast.  Anything that gives me mashed potatoes and gravy.  And quiche is a requirement for Christmas morning.

I think Fruit Cake - is a mystery.  I've never actually eaten any.

One tradition we had growing up - we got to get out of bed at 6:30 and open our stockings and "Santa gifts" before getting Mom & Dad up at 7:00.

One tradition we have now - Not much - with no kids we bounce around from family gathering to family gathering, without much happening at our own home.

I get my Christmas Tree from - the shelf in the garage.

I decorate - whenever I get around to it.  And sometimes, like this year, hardly at all.

On Christmas Eve I/we usually - hang out with family, stuffing our faces and playing games.  We always get new PJs to open too.

On Christmas morning I/we wake up - whenever we feel like it, unless we have arrangements to be somewhere at a certain time.

One special thing I make at Christmas time is - Pie! Cookies! Quiche!  Mmm....

My Favorite Christmas song is - none of them, really.

Every Christmas - we see family as much as we can, and try to have a family outing of some sort.

I hang my stockings - I used to hang them on the piano, but since I don't have it anymore, I haven't figured out where to put them.

Something I look forward to at Christmas time is - having an excuse to buy lots of stuff, even if it's not for me.

My Favorite Thing about the Holidays - Christmas lights, yummy smelling candles, and getting to wrap presents.

Something I want to start incorporating is - actually sending out Christmas cards.  Sorry to everyone that sends one to us without us reciprocating...


EmmaP said...

yeah - wheres my card?!!? just kidding! enjoy your vacation!

Melissa said...

I want to send out christmas cards too. Maybe next year (I say that every year).