Family Outing (Or Ining, As the Case May Be)

After we finished our Citizen's Academy class, my dad decided that we needed to get together more often because we didn't get to see each other often enough.  Since Monday nights were obviously free, we decided to meet one or two Monday nights every month for a family activity.  We started last Monday with a planned outing to This Is the Place State Park to see their Christmas displays.  However, the day arrived and was just too cold and windy to justify standing outside all night.

We decided to still meet at my parents and go out to dinner, then afterwards we went to Target and bought some premade gingerbread house kits.  We took them backto my parents and had a blast decorating them, and dropping candy pieces all over my mom's kitchen floor. 

They turned out pretty cute!

My parents' is on the left, my sister and brother-in-law's is in the middle, and ours is on the right.

Apparently it's my turn to plan the next outing - first Monday in January.  Any ideas?


EmmaP said...

sledding? hee hee... of course followed by hot cocoa.

Melissa said...

Go ice blocking. I gues that would be sledding this time of year! It would be a blast to see everyone do that!