Book List 2009

Pretty much everybody that knows me knows that I like to read. A lot.  At the beginning of 2009 I finally started keeping track of everything that I read.  The full list is below.  This year, I think I will have to post these at least quarterly, if not monthly.  It's a really long list...

112 Books (average of 1 book every 3.25 days)
43,074 Pages (average of 118 pages per day)

We'll see if I beat that in 2010!


Shawnee said...

Oooh, I'm gonna have to track mine this year, too. I'm a heavy reader even though I don't really have the extra time. Good job your 2009 list!

PS - I have a new apron swap up if you're interested.

Stacey said...

wowzers!!! You are a reading machine!
Tell me about the apron swaps....Please?