Winter Trail Run

Saturday we hooked up with the folks at Teraflex for a trail run they had planned.  We met at their shop in Murray, and caravaned down to Spanish Fork where we met up with the rest of the group (almost 20 rigs in all).  We headed up the canyon until we reached our destination, Lake Fork Canyon.  It's actually a pretty easy trail (more of a dirt road, really) but it was entertaining because of the snow.  Plus, it was really pretty.  I haven't spent much time in the mountains when there was snow on the ground.

On our way down the mountain we slid to the side of the trail and into a bit of deep snow.  As we were attempting to get back on the trail, we heard a buzzing noise and suddenly had no power steering.  We managed to kill the power steering pump.  We were done pretty early in the day, so we went to the local dealer hoping we could get the Jeep fixed before we drove it home.  We could only find one Jeep dealer in the area, so we drove over there.  They took the Jeep in back for about an hour before telling us that they didn't have the part in stock!  It was a complete waste of time.

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EmmaP said...

yay for the fun, boo for the part!