January Family Night

As I mentioned a while ago, this month was my turn to pick the family activity. Sledding was an awesome idea, except that we have our get-togethers after work when it is a) dark and b) cold, so I vetoed it. We had seen each other several times in the last week for Christmas and Mom's birthday, so I just decided to have everyone over, feed them dinner, and either watch a movie or play games.

I made some Pumpkin Turkey Chili so that everyone could try something new. (It's really yummy to use up leftovers in - but spice it up a little with the reviewers' suggestions.)

Then we decided on games instead of a movie. We played a game of Five Crowns, then I convinced everyone to play Rock Band.  All in all, lots of fun!


Melissa said...

Sounds like fun! By the way, your couch looks good!

EmmaP said...

your dad looks like a Pro!