Photos of the Week

From my brother, who is on a mission for his church.  He instructed us and my sister and brother-in-law to not have any children while he was gone.  No problem!

My new kitchen tablecloth.  I brought it home from Mexico, and put a clear piece of plastic on top so the tablecloth itself stays clean.  (Stole that idea from my mother-in-law.)

This guy attacked us for being in his road.  We thought about making him dinner, but let him scare us off instead.

This month's family outing: laser tag at the new Boondock's in Kaysville.  Everyone had a blast!

And finally, the photos my mom made us all pose for to send to my brother for Valentine's Day:


EmmaP said...

um--he forgot to say WHAT you win... "Eighteen years of..." well, just remember, what goes around comes around! hahaha! j/k! by the way... your mom is like melting away!

Christine said...

That is cute of your brother, I love the tablecloth from Mexico, very colorful! And the collage at the bottom... how sweet!

Melissa said...

Page is so funny! I can't believe he comes home that soon! Your V-D picture is fun too.