Puppy Love

If you have a dog, you probably know what Kongs are.  They are one of the best inventions ever.  Stuff a few treats inside and the pups are entertained for hours.  They are out of your hair, not jumping on guests, and quiet.  Our dogs look like babies with a bottle when they get to licking...

When Zoe was little we used to put regular kibble in hers so that it was healthy food, not just treats, and would still keep her entertained.  She learned quickly that kibble falls out really easily if you just pick up the Kong and throw it, and she still tries that with all of her treats today.

Kong also makes a frisbee.  It has been a lifesaver at our house.  The dogs love to play frisbee, and it usually goes like this:

1- We throw frisbee
2- Zoe runs faster than Damage and catches it
3- Zoe starts to bring the frisbee back, when Damage finally catches up and tackles her
4- Zoe and Damage play tug-of-war with the frisbee while both attempting to bring it back to us
5- When they get close, Zoe gives up and lets Damage keep the frisbee
6- We have to tell Damage "Release" so that he will drop the frisbee and we can start over (he is quite lazy and doesn't really like the running part of this process)

Because of the tug-of-war, frisbees used to last us a couple of days (if that).  The Kong frisbee lasts for months!  It is one of the pups' favorite activities (well, Zoe's at least) and we try to play with them every day.  It's a lifesaver!

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EmmaP said...

i think Kayli was waaaay too lazy. Everyone told us to get a kong. We did. She was like, "You mean I have to WORK to get the treat out??? Forget about it..."

We even tried peanut butter once. she wasn't having it.