Girls Shopping Day

My grandma came out to visit to see the new grandbaby and stayed for a week and a half.  While she was here I had a day off of work, so my grandma, my mom and I went down to SLC to do some shopping.  We stopped at a fabric store where I found the perfect print for covering the seats of the chairs I bought for my kitchen.  Hopefully I will be able to get to that project soon. 

We also spent some time at a thrift store.  My mom and I both found really cute skirts (hers brand new from Anthropology, mine from a designer for Target collection), but both were too small. :(  We did each find a few other things to make the trip worthwhile.  They had their Halloween costumes out, and I found brand new really cheap tights so I bought a pair in six different colors.  I can't wait to start wearing them with my experimental fashions.

Our last stop was at Gardner Village, which took all the rest of the day.  We had lunch at Archibald's - the three of us split one sandwich so that we had room for carrot cake for dessert. :)  They already had all the witches up.  It was weird wandering in the 85 degree heat in the middle of all the fall decor - we felt out of place.

My favorite witch was the hula hoop champion:

We had to stop for a sample of fudge, of course.  I tried the pumpkin chocolate chip and it was delicious as always!  Just look at these two kids in a candy store:
There were some very cute Halloween headbands for sale.  I really wanted one that was kind of flapper-looking.  It had two great big silver glittery feathers and a giant black spider.  Unfortunately it was also $20 and I could bring myself to spend that much.  Maybe I will try to make one of my own.  Here's another cute one I tried on:

The bakery had the best decoration of all, a giant cake!  With pumpkins for decorations no less! I loved it.

All in all we had a really nice time together.  We all found a couple of treasures to bring home so it was a very successful trip.


EmmaP said...

i still need to try and get out there.

Melissa said...

I love girls days! I tried on those same headbands and had the same thought. We should get together and do them!