April Book List

So this is really pathetic, but I only read two books this month.  In my defense, one of them was over 800 pages on its own, but it's still only half as much as I read in a normal month.  I guess I must have been busy.  I did have quite the stressful week at work, and then we went camping for almost a week and I didn't get a chance to read much during those times.

A Rush of Wings by Adrian Phoenix - 399 pages
A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin - 806 pages
TOTAL - 2 Books - 1,205 pages

I wanted to read A Game of Thrones because of the HBO show that started this month, but I haven't been into really long fantasies for a while so I kept putting it off.  I finally started it and it really sucked me in, but I still had to return it to the library before I was done with it.  I ended up downloading it and reading it on our Nook Color.  Using the Nook for reading is okay, but I still prefer a real book.  It is perfect for comic books and graphic novels though.

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