Mother's Day

I was so proud of myself this year.  I actually made Mother's Day presents for my mom and mom-in-law.  For my MIL I made a couple of pillow covers.  I had actually planned on doing this project last year, but I couldn't find the right fabrics and then I procrastinated and things just took too long.  This year I got it done on schedule.

The flower pillow was super quick and easy, but the ship pillow with a border gave me a few issues.  I understand all the basics of piecing from watching my mom quilt while I was growing up, but since I don't sew very often it isn't second nature to me.  I ended up with some fabric miscalculations, some measuring miscalculations, and had hubby help me out by ripping some seams out (twice).  It all turned out okay in the end though and they both turned out looking good.

My mom loves everything wooly, so I started with these felted wool balls I found on Etsy.  I just loved the colors, and that each one was unique.

I glued a bunch to a ping pong ball to make a bigger ball she can throw in a bowl or sit on a shelf.

And then I strung a whole bunch on a string to make a garland she can hang however she wants.

It turned out looking pretty good!  Some of the colors are a bit brighter than she usually has in her house, but hopefully they will blend in okay.

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Gayle said...

I LOVE my wooly ball projects that you made for me Charlotte! It makes me so special that you always put a lot of thought into the gifts that you give me - and even more special when you make them yourself! THANK YOU!