Friends Weekend at Yuba

We spent a longer weekend at Yuba this year also.  I was a slacker and did not take very many pictures.  We invited as many people as we could to come down for the weekend, or even just for the day.  Five people came down with us on Friday, and four more came down for the day on Saturday.

We had a really good time floating around, swimming, soaking in the sunshine, and playing on the boat.  My parents babysat the dogs for us, and it was really nice not having to worry about them the whole time.

I did get a picture of this little (three foot) snake friend that tried to join our party.  I was walking up to camp from the boat all blurry-eyed after waking up from a nap, and I just about stepped on him.  Luckily it's not anything poisonous, but we shooed him on his way as soon as possible.

The other picture I got before my camera battery died was of our friend Alex, who finally got up on a wakeboard for the first time!  Once he figure out the getting up part, he did pretty good.

The second night we were there a great big storm blew over.  It was super windy for several hours.  We had to hole up in the tent and play card games while we waited it out.  It finally died down and we were able to go out and fix ourselves some dinner.

It was a good thing our friends and we have invested in quality tents, because they make all the difference in that kind of storm.  We were in our friends' Springbar and it had no problem, but our other friend's little Coleman broke.  Every single thing was covered in sand.  When we went to bed every single boat-in camp spot was full, but when we went out the next morning there were only three (out of twenty) of us who had lasted the night, all with better tents.  I felt bad for the people whose trips were cut short; that is always miserable.

All in all it was a great trip and we were really glad so many friends could come, but we were still missing the ones who couldn't make it.

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