Park City Ghost Tour

I was browsing KSL deals a few weeks ago and saw that they had half price tickets for a walking tour of Park City with ghost stories.  Since we loved our walking tour of Denver so much, especially since it had lots of ghost stories, I decided to get some.  Last Friday night we went up for our tour.  It was a really fun evening! 

We got to hear a lot of local history, as well as see some of the most historical spots in the city.  I wish we could have gone in some of the buildings though.  While we were on the tour it didn't really seem very spooky, but one story in particular creeped me out a little while I was trying to go to sleep that night.

I liked the tour guide in Denver better, but I think he had been doing it years longer that this guy.  You could tell that the people running the tour are putting lots of work into their research which is really neat.  I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a fun evening a little ways from home.

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EmmaP said...

I didn't know PC did those. How cool. I'll have to check it out! thanks!