Windy Surprise

A few weeks ago we spent a short weekend at Yuba State Park.  We had a really nice time, but on the way home Pat listened to a voicemail one of our neighbors left us saying that we had a bunch of wind the night before and it blew in our garage door.  When we got home, this is what we found:

It actually blew the garage door out, as you can see. Pat got the garage door kicked back inside with the help of a neighbor, and we were able to open it far enough to get the Jeep out of the garage.

We managed to leave the house without closing the door to the backyard and must have had some killer wind. It also made our barbeque grill do a bit of a backflip.

Luckily all the damage was covered by our homeowner's insurance, and we were able to get it fixed quickly.  The reason the back door was open in the first place is because that's how we let the dogs out since we don't have a back door directly from the house.  To avoid having this happen in the future, we also bought a dog door to install in the garage so that we won't be leaving the back door open anymore.  It will be better for security also I imagine.

We're just glad the damage wasn't any worse, and that it was all easily fixed.

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EmmaP said...

Wow.... that's sort of scary if you think about how much worse it could have been. Glad it was all covered under the homeowners!