Big Surprise

The trip home from Lake Powell was fairly uneventful and we made it home in good time.  When we got home we decided that the unpacking would wait a day; after all, that's why we came home on Saturday instead of Sunday.  We grabbed the necessaries for the evening and headed inside.  When I got to my bedroom door, it was closed, which was weird because we always leave it open for the cats.  Then I saw a sign taped to the door telling me that both Pat and I had to go in the room together because there was a surprise inside from my parents, with help from my sister.

My mom had been working on a new quilt for us because the one she made for our wedding was falling apart, and I new she was close to finishing with it, so I thought that would probably be inside, but I didn't know what my dad and sister would need to do to help with that, but all I had to do to find out was open the door.  Now, to show you what I left my room looking like, here are some pictures:

And this is what it looked like when I opened the door:


I was just blown away.  Everything was perfect, and put together better than I could ever do on my own.  Our quilt came out amazing, and all the pillows she made to go with it were just right.  The brightly colored vases and plates matched beautifully.  The blue wall was just the right touch to make things stand out.  The painted furniture was just the right style, and the chandelier was gorgeous.  I really love the jewelry holder, which I'm assuming my sister made since she has one just like it.  And I have curtains now!

It was such a great surprise and I wasn't expecting any of it.  Pat knew they were doing something because he had to make sure they had a way into the house, but he didn't give me any clue.  This is to be my birthday and Christmas present this year, but I can't think of anything better.  It really made my day better after it started out so disappointingly. 

Thank you Mom, Dad and Kait!  You guys are the best family anyone could ask for!


Stacey said...

That is so fantastic!!! What an awesome makeover!!! You are blessed to have people that love you so much.
that was a lot of work. The colors are incredible as well.

Melissa @ It's Fancy Schmancy said...

That is amazing! It looks awesome! I was expecting to see the quilt after you mentioned it, but paint, and dresser and all decorated?! That is so much work. What a perfect gift.

{Kaitlyn} said...

SO glad you liked it. I was hard work but it was a ton of fun putting it all together!

EmmaP said...

Ok - how sappy am I that *I* cried! haha. I must be tired. Anyway - what a fabulous surprise. You know you are loved not only because your family did all of that for you, but because it it sooooo YOU! It looks awesome!

Dharma said...

Over from Thifty Decor Chic - I love this room. So cheery and you get a double cool factor for your family making this happen while you were out :)