Lake Powell

Our week long vacation was a great getaway.  It started out a little rocky, with a flat tire on the way down, but turned out to be very beautiful and relaxing.  This is the first week long vacation we have taken in almost two years, and we needed it.  We stayed on the beach at Lone Rock, which is very close to Wahweap Marina in Page, AZ, with my in-laws.  They got there a few days early, which was fortunate because it filled up quickly as Labor Day weekend approached.

Their RV had a beachfront parking spot, and we pitched our tent right behind it.  There was a little channel on the side that was deep and perfect for boat parking, and the beach out front stayed shallow for a long way and was perfect for playing in the water.

 Home sweet home

View from the front yard

View down the beach

We did a lot of relaxing.  We only ended up wakeboarding once.  We spent several days out on the water exploring canyons and swimming in fun spots.

Checking the map for our destination


One of the beautiful sunsets we got

 Giant dog pile in the boat!

Really have to watch for those rocks in the middle of the lake

The dogs had a lot of fun.  We really tired them out swimming, chasing lizards and crows, and playing with the neighbors' dogs.  They'll probably sleep for a week!

To be continued...


Stacey said...

very nice pictures! I must be a very deprived girl, I have never been to Lake Powell :0( It is now on my list!! I can't wait to see the continued part.

EmmaP said...

looks like a dream vacation to me!