Lake Powell Continued


Pat doing his good deed and cleaning trash off the beach.


We stopped at ate lunch at this restaurant on the water at Antelope Point Marina.  Really good!

 This ragtag bunch of ducks came by to beg for scraps off our table.

We did the short hike out to horseshoe bend on the Colorado below the dam.

We stopped at the dam visitor center.  They are watering the grass down below.

Friday morning we went into town to play their disc golf course.  We just started playing and this was the first course we used our own discs on (we had been borrowing from friends).  The rocks were really hard on them, the course was confusing, and there was broken glass everywhere.  Not ideal.

Friday night a killer storm blew over!  It was really pretty just before the storm hit, and of course we didn't have the camera with us.  We got back to shore pronto and played games in the trailer while we waited for it to pass.

We had lots of sunshine and good food, played lots of games, and did a lot of relaxing.  It was a really great week.  I can't wait to go back again!


{Kaitlyn} said...

Looks like you had fun, and some great pics too! Im sure it was nice spending some time with Patricks parents as well.

EmmaP said...

great scenery!