Living Room

My sister has a better eye for decorating than I do, so I invited her over to help me put my new living room together. We usedwhat I had, and found a couple new things to add. I am thinking of painting the East and South walls a warm goldish yellow. What do you think?
I also need to figure out what else to put on the walls. Suggestions are welcome!
I know the cat tree is ugly, but i worry that they'll tear up the furniture if it isn't in here.
I also need creative ideas on how to hide all our gaming paraphenelia.


EmmaP said...

i really like the changes. i also think the paint would be cool. good job!

Gayle said...

FINALLY! It all looks good! I love that round chair - can't wait to sit in it and spin around. Have you had any luck looking for an entertainment center - or are you taking a break from the hunt?