Mission: Organize and Declutter

As you can see from the button on my sidebar, I've joined Thrify Decor Chick on a quest to get my house in order. I'm making pretty good progress, just taking it slow. Today I decided to share a closet. I love playing games, and I have a lot of them. Unfortunately, they were all living in giant piles everywhere. The closet of the room they were living in was also a mess.

We bought some shelves at Lowe's that fit inside the closet of one of our extra bedrooms. It's not pretty, but it works.

The box the shelves came in was a perfect kitty hiding place!


EmmaP said...

a shelf AND a cat toy? now that's a 2-fer! way to go! the game closet looks nice. Now I know where to come when I wanna play!

Blake and Melissa said...

Looking good!. I need to do my closets too.

Gayle said...

Hey! that worked out really well! Now you can put your hands on any game you want to find! Yay!