My Mom

I have a great mom. She is always doing little things for me that I really appreciate. Last week she bought me some cute socks with cats on them, just because she thought I'd like them. She's bought me two aprons she found at thrift stores and estate sales. Also, if I am on the lookout for something used, she'll look for me one her weekly thrift store runs. When she came over for Pat's birthday dinner last week, she gave me this:

She's been starting to make these altered art type books lately out of books she finds on clearance for dirt cheap. She puts them together, and they are so cute! Thanks Mom!

Do you see the cute little "Love, Mom" in the corner?

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Gayle said...

AW! How sweet of you to share about this! I had lots of fun making it for you and hope YOU have lots of fun filling it up with all the wonderful books you read! Wouldn't it be awesome if you ran out of room and needed another one some day? Enjoy!bultiol