Mardi Gras

Saturday I had a Mardi Gras party. I bought a murder mystery game that involved Mardi Gras nine months ago, and have been planning on the party ever since. I got my camera out and then promptly forgot to take pictures. I thought I would share the recipes I used:

Chicken and Andouille Gumbo

Golden Sweet Cornbread

Clone of a Cinnabon

It all turned out pretty good, but the cinnamon rolls were fantastic!


Gayle said...

I can't believe you forgot to take pictures! Guess you should have assigned that job to one of the guests since you were so busy being the hostess. And YES, the cinnamon rolls were delicious!

EmmaP said...

clone of a cinnabon, eh? sounds good. i will definitely have to try it. or better yet... *you* make them and just bring them into work. ooh...i like that idea!

Mystery Maiden said...

Mmmmm Cinnabon clone... Sounds like a good party - you must have been really into the mystery to forget to take pictures!

Leigh Clements
The Mystery Maiden
Shot In The Dark

Gayle said...

Waiting for update!