Citizen's Academy: K9

We got to see a live demo of the city's K9 officer.  She's a Belgian Malinois which are much smaller than the German Shepherds you usually see.  They way she acted with her toys was just like my Zoe dog.  She would have made a great drug sniffer, but probably not a good biting dog.

Here she is getting a suspect out of a vehicle:

And here she is protecting her handler from a suspect:


Alice in Wonderland said...

I am so amazed by these dogs! They can do just about anything, but I feel sorry for the "sniffer dogs" because they become addicted to sniffing out drugs.

EmmaP said...

way cool. my back yard neighbor has one of these dogs. He named him "Tank". "Tank" goes with him while he is on duty all the time. My neighbor was named highway patrolman of the year last year, mostly due to the amount of drugs seized during vehicle stops. amazing what these animals can do.

Betty said...

Just found you in comments section of another blog.I relly love those dogs. I'm an animal lover ,you know.
Welcome to the blogosphere!!!

Betty said...

Charlotte, thank you so much for passing by and becoming a new follower over at CUT AND DRY.
I'm following:)